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Breakfast was ready as early as 6am, as usual, and I’d already had my fill and was set to leave for work by the time my wife returned to the Dining table with my briefcase.

“Please take care of you, honey. I love you…” whispered the woman whom I had slapped ‘Four horrible Times’ last night, as I made for the door.

Honestly, I did not even slap my wife for any tangible reason. I beat her up because she only politely asked me why I was returning home so late… that was her only crime.

What kills me most is that in spite of how cruel and hatefully I have been treating her since we got married, she has never stopped loving or caring for me… I just can’t explain what went wrong—before we got married, she was everything I ever wanted in a woman, but after our wedding, I found myself totally loathing her… I just couldn’t stand her presence anymore. I barely even touch her at nights even though we sleep on the same bed.

The truth is; I am not starving of sex… far from it. I get satisfied and almost knocked out every day, but certainly not with or by my wife Linda.

My sexcapades had begun few months ago with Ronke, my Office Secretary. Ronke is married with three children, but she still maintains the most seductive body on this planet. Even though I saw it in her CV, I still found it hard to believe that a woman as beautiful as that could be a mother of three grown-up children. Initially, our relationship was professional. She was extremely loyal and could willingly go out of her way for me even if it took staying up late with me in the office as long as I needed a job to get done, and she never for one day complained. Soon, we became more than just colleagues… we started sharing things… and one day we as much as shared a passionate kiss… that was how we arrived where we are today.

Nevertheless, Ronke is not the only reason why I come home late every day. I also have so many other women on my dirty list. I felt no remorse at all, even though a part of me knew I was doing the wrong thing. On the other hand, I thought my wife was not aware of my new lifestyle—as she tried to keep off raising arguments with me since they would always result to me beating her up eventually.
One day, I was going on a weekend date with Ronke at Le’meridien Resort. I had her lie to her husband that she had been sent to represent me in a workshop… everything was just perfect.
My wife packed my bag as usual, made me breakfast, and then bade me farewell. On my way out, she called my attention and said;
“No matter what darling, I still love you. I will always be here for you…”

But this meant nothing to me, as I briskly shoved her gesture aside—I had a romantic date to catch up with. However, on getting to the hotel, while unpacking my suitcase, I found three packets of CONDOM… I did not put them there… I usually order for condoms when I arrive any hotel… your guess is as good as mine… damn, she got me.

I felt broken. She knew I was cheating on her all these while and yet she has remained loyal, loving and caring?
All through the night I couldn’t touch Ronke, no matter how enticingly she TWERKED like a pro in front of the mirror opposite me…

I felt so sorry and stupid all through the night, and I decided I was going to end every cruelty and evil that I had been meting out to my wife… I resolved to apologize and ask for her forgiveness.
Unfortunately the next morning, I felt differently. To my utter amazement, I woke up with a huge erection—such a strong urge that couldn’t help turning to Ronke for refuge… and you know, like I said earlier, she was very good at it. She did what she knows how to do best, and by the time I got home the next day, I couldn’t even remember the vow I had made at the hotel to apologize to her—I couldn’t just swallow my ego and go through the NOLLYWOOD nonsense. Instead I put up my usual stone face, and she of course stayed away from even asking how my movement had been… and I continued cheating on her like No-Man’s-Business.

Like the saying goes, ‘many days are for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house’

Last night, I returned home late as usual, but this time she was waiting for me in the living room…

“Honey? You’re late again tonight. You got me so worried…” she whined as I opened the door.

“Can’t that wait for later? Must you nag? Couldn’t you have allowed me to at least enter my own house before querying me?” I had barked at her… and then she broke into tears.

I had abandoned her there, and had made my way upstairs. After my bath, I was about arranging the Duvet when I felt Linda’s soft hands gently massaging my shoulder… I guess she really wanted to talk, but I wasn’t ready for any of it…

“Honey, please I need you…” she’d begun.

“If I had ever done you any wrong, please forgive me. Stop punishing me like this. Letting me rot like this is not the best way to punish me for any offense I may have committed, Darlington, you are my husband, please make love to me…” and she started caressing me… I was not in the mood…certainly not after all the sumptuous evening with Ronke today on my office table; I sure had run out of reserves and just needed to feign anger as usual just to put her off…

“Woman, stop this madness!” I thundered, pretending to be angry…

“My prince, nobody can take care of my body like you do. I’m…”

“What did you just say?” I cut in…
“What honey, I was trying…” she stammered… but I cut her short with a dirty slap.

“I knew it! So you now share your body all over the neighborhood huh? You’ve obviously sampled every man in this neighborhood enough to know who services you better huh? Ashawo! Adulterer!”
And I kicked her so hard, enough to send her rolling on the floor… my acting was perfect, then I went to sleep.

My wife remained on the floor while I pretended to be asleep. But I did all I could to fall asleep to no avail… this time, I sure knew I had slain sleep that very moment I punched my innocent wife in the face. I couldn’t withstand the reminiscence… it kept flashing in my head even after my wife had left the room.

All through the night I was so restless until 5am in the morning. I sat up, for the first time after so many years, I prayed. I was about throwing in the olive branch and asking my wife to forgive me… I asked God to help me make things right with my wife.

For the past five years I have tortured her, but I had never done anything like I did to her last night… I knew I had crossed the line, considering the fact that she is a lawyer, but I just needed her to forgive me, even if she chooses to leave the marriage—yeah, I wouldn’t blame her if she chooses to quit the marriage, because I have so debased her for the past five years of her life.

I looked in the bathroom, but she wasn’t there. I climbed down stairs and found her in the kitchen to my utter bewilderment, making my breakfast, and I quickly pulled back… After everything, yet there she was.

This was ‘the very last straw that broke my back’ I couldn’t hold my emotions anymore, and so I walked up to her, knelt before her, and held her legs.

“I’m sorry…’’ I began.

“Please tell me, why is it that upon my unfaithfulness to you even though you are so beautiful and gorgeous… upon every maltreatment I met out to you even though you are a lawyer, you still choose to tolerate and remain faithful to me, why?”

For fifteen seconds, she ruminated my question… then she also knelt down, opposite me, took my right hand, and placed it on her chest…

“Honey, it’s not my doing or making that I’m still here with you.” And she paused, rose up gently, pulling me along with her, we sat on a nearby stool.

“Baby”… she continued. “Have you taken your time to read John 3:16? Yes I know you rough handle me, yes I know I’m a lawyer, yes I know you abuse and cheat on me… but Jesus took worse and never retaliated. Have you any idea how many sins I commit in a day? But God forgives and keeps me. So tell me what right I have to retaliate on you?”

Hearing these words of hers I was stunned, SPEECHLESS and BROKEN. The only words I was able to muster up were;
“Baby, can you ever forgive me?” and she smiled… that kind of smile that comes from the heart.

“Darling,” she’d begun… “There is no sin too dark for the lord to forgive. Even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for you and me. I am not qualified to condemn you my love…”and she sobbed softly… “I love you so much honey.”

At this very point, I was dumbfounded.
“Just like that? You are going to forgive me?”

“Yeah, why not? All you needed do was ask, and you have, so you got it. Come on honey, I’m fine now…so glad to have you back…” and she kissed me, so passionately.

I hugged my wife like I have never done before. I cried like a baby on her shoulders… I couldn’t help it. I was overwhelmed.

“Hey, stop this baby…” she teased… “Aren’t you going to give me what I demanded last night, and I mean right now?” she wrapped her loving arms around me so reassuringly, as we shared another deep kiss, and… etc.

From that day, I started working on my bad habits. Everything gradually returned to normal. Right now as I’m writing this, my Wife Linda is my biggest treasure, the best gift God has ever given to me. She changed my life for good. She made me realize how close God has always been to me even when I wallowed in the wilderness of worldly fun and immorality. She made me realize that God’s hand has never been too short to save anyone who calls upon him. She made me realize that God does not want the death of sinners but only total repentance and restitution.

I am speaking to you now, yes you!

Do you know that all the time you do those dirty secret things that you feel no one is watching; all the time you cheat on your partner, all the time you misappropriate what’s been entrusted in your care, all the time you take laws into your hands and cause harm or damage to other people, all the time you find the best portion of the Bible or Quran to justify every bad thing you have done or wish to do, all the time you trample on the rights of defenseless and weaker people, all the times you satisfy the urge of your flesh no matter how your conscience tries to advice you. All the time you go against the will and commandments of God, you certainly are like ME and you do put God in my wife’s shoes.

Remember, He watches you…

Well, the good news is; He is also a very patient God. His arms are always wide open to have you back too… though I don’t know for how long.

My Name is Darlington and this is my gift to anyone who is reading this piece today. Even though I’m still single, even though this is a work of fiction, yet I would like you to spread this message and save a soul today.

Happy New year Everyone!

Darlington Chukwunyere

Writer,Filmmaker, founder of Viddawood.


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